Amazing Guns

by hard nips

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2nd album


released May 3, 2012



all rights reserved


hard nips New York

Arriving from the far east brandishing a riff-heavy, post-punk sound laced with the angelic strainings of vocalist. Whether playing parties or gigs, this four piece commands the attention of any room they play. Known for their magnetic stage presence and rowdy antics. they bring the right riffs, the right hooks and a no-holds-barred bravado that is winning hearts and minds. ... more

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Track Name: Good Reason
Good reason

You were a face
You were a ghost
You were in place
You were just the way I imagined you
I imagined you

I was a girl
I was the world
I was running late
I was just the way you imagined me
You imagined me

I know it couldn't wait
Cuz we had some good reasons
But it makes
no sense to me now

I was the first
I saw the last
I was in deep
I saw no need to exaggerate

You were a gun
You were the one
Lost in a never ending tendency to exaggerate

I want to set it straight
But words don't penetrate
If you ever get home
you can give it sometime think about it alone

Cuz we had some good reasons
But it makes
no sense to me now

You saw the best and worst of me
my best friend, my best enemy
It all still sounds so strange to me
uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh
Track Name: State of the Art
State of the art

i don't like the last soothsayer
just beautiful lies
she told me that the worlds no fayer
but i don't care
i still wake up in the middle of the night
and the rail is wet with no signs of life
i put a dime on the tracks just to make
it flat.......the train never came back

i feel lost without it
my state of the art
i'd be naked without it
my state of the art

i like the one with the very shiny buttons
i like the one that comes in gold or red
now it seems to lift a fingers so very very painful
now i am blind but the world can see what goes on in
what goes on in my head
Track Name: Amazing Guns
Amazing guns

It's gone too far again
and the rhythm keeps on proving you wrong
And it might stop, but it just starts again
so, i'd keep moving
The rest can fight the rest
Sometimes it startles me, what we see, what we hear, i ignore the blackouts.
Instead i shoulder them, but it doesn't get easier and thinking only makes it worse

Can i withstand this battery?
Guess i'm the lucky one.
I'm no match for this enemy
and their amazing guns

Falling over fences, corner after corner.
I see a point blank shooter, looks 13.
but he'll shoot me in the leg, shoot me in the leg, shoot me in the leg, cause unknown forget, ignore the blackouts.
we couldn't find the exit wound in the flesh, she called her own.
Track Name: No Action
No action

Tired of playin in the yard
I just listen to the lovers fight
Sick of lookin' at stars
I need to get this over with
in a way that i see fit

Lookin back to the ice
I see the black, black water rise
It's hard to decide
if i should turn it off or go back inside

Making a reason all talk and no action

I can't take

Now I'm walking the halls
They can see me but I can't see them
I stop walkin but the floor keeps moving
can't anybody kill the lights?

Making a reason and taking no action

I can't take
No action

When you put it on the pilei notice
it outshines everything around it
But when you put it under glass
the whole things just taped together

i can't take
No action
Track Name: Oblivious in Babylon
Oblivious in babylon

If I could only stop the beating in my chest
Lost inside a parachute of avarice

I'm on my way to break inside the nation.
All of the way, take every penny back
More on the way someday
If somehow I could/ only stop the beating in my chest

Only stop the beating in my ...

Only touched the ceiling with the top of my hands now.
A trampoline might get you high, but you really wouldn't want to land wrong

Out of the way, you never seem to benefit
in any way, from all the gifts you get
You're in my way, i can't be held responsible
for anything I'm about to adress

Somehow stop the beating in my chest
Never asked to be the conqueress

We've seen all this from the air
Type of magic that once seemed to be so rare
Send them all flashing in the shallows
You know it's impolite to stare

But i'm oblivious in babylon
I'm oblivious in babylon
It should be obvious in Babylon
But i'm oblivious in babylon
Track Name: Shiny Volcano
Shiny volcano

We celebrate into the afternoon
So many creatures hypnotized

Watching over california bleed into a rainbow
All the faces glowing as the flares light up the sky

I snap a photograph, A glass of lemonade
A woman in a uniform just smiles
You wouldn't think a thing like this could happen here today
Though the innocent may lack in sense
They still know tragedy

Shiny volcano
It only looks like that when magnified
Shiny volcano
Instead of the sunset, I study the sky

And while we're waiting for the balloon
747 streak the sky
Crossing over California , staring at the window
The search goes on and on
Loose ends are left untied
Track Name: I might be Damaged
I might be damaged

I came in softly still you turned around
Intimidation in the red
I felt it pushing me between
my shoulders and on my head
you gave my ghost up and now
I might be damaged

You feed me worms ate them alive
I was to weak + stupid
to even notice the taste of grossness
I drink the kool-aid
I tried to wash them down
The taste is gone
But the sight still makes me sick
I might be damaged
Track Name: Story Board
Story boards

In the nightmare, I'm not beautiful
In the nightmare, I'm not rich
In the nightmare, I'm just useful
And spiral stairs turn into thin air

In your nightmare it's so peaceful
Cuz people are just people everywhere
The setting sun describes to me the writing on the wall
And dreams like yours don't end they just need
Story boards that brought you to this world

Story boards that brought you to this world